Sleek birthday suit set

A5A11758-F0DF-4EAC-9F2A-132FF4DFB54BThis is the sleek Birthday Suit set! It comes with a matte liquid lipstick and a nail polish in the shade birthday suit! This is one of my favourite matte liquid lipsticks! I would HIGHLY recommend this and it is also half price in boots💄


Removing makeup

IMG_7333removing your makeup before going to bed is essential. You could break out in spots! You have to be very careful. Try to use a gentle remover round the eyes incase of irritation. I am trying out the primark one and so far so good!👌🏼


Coming up to Christmas candles are amazing! I have quite a few. I’m so excited to buy some more. Every girl loves a good candle. They smell amazing and even look amazing too! I have once bought a candle just because it looked nice. NO SHAME. My favourite scent is cinnamon or fluffy towels by Yankee candle.

Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are a MUST in  every ones makeup bag. You can get multiple different brands, price ranges and quality. I feel like real techniques is a good place to start for begginners but when you want really good quality brushes Mikasa Beauty is the way to go! They offer a huge range of brushes and also do makeup too! If you want to get 25% off EVERYTHING use the code BEANDBLUSH25.

Liquid Lipsticks

Liquid Lipsticks have really made a massive impact on the beauty industry. I don’t know who made them first or why but it is the only thing i use on my lips! Apart from lip balm of course! I think Kylie Jenner really made them a ‘Thing’. Ever since she came out with them they have been a staple in every persons makeup bag. A few of my favourite brands for them are of course kylie cosmetics, sleek, nyx and suprisingly new look! New look liquid lipsticks smell amazing and look amazing but they dont come in many different colours. These sleek ones are amazing, lasts forever, and has great pigmentation! They were only £6 for 4 of them. They would be a great stocking filler!